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Dog walking, dog training, dog listening, pet sitting, doggie day care in Windsor, Berkshire, Slough and local areas.

"Hope you're not expecting me to eat those pears for MY dinner!"

Terms & Conditions

Your pets
During our initial visit we will complete our inquiry form and agreement for SpeediePAWS to act in the best interests of your pet.
Dogs must be sociable with other dogs and children.
We only take fully house trained (unless a puppy), and reasonably well behaved dogs for walking and daycare. We cannot take aggressive dogs or dogs with serious behavioural problems.
We must be informed in advance of any traits or problems your dog may have. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your booking. 

There maybe occasions when the walk will have to be cut short, due to extreme weather conditions ie heat, thunder storms, for the safety of the dogs and or walkers.
Dog walking off the lead will only be undertaken once we are happy that it is safe to do so. Initially dogs will be walked on the lead, until sufficient recall is established and safety can be maintained.
In the unlikely event of the dog not responding well to the walker and or other dogs, SpeediePAWS reserves the right to cancel the contract with immediate effect. Any advance payments will be refunded.
Cancellations for dog walking require 24hr notice, otherwise the walk will be charged at the full rate.
Dogs must have up to date vaccinations, kennel cough, worm and flea treatment, be in general good health and be registered with a local vet.

Damage to SpeediePAWS property

The client is responsible for any unreasonable damage to property whilst the dog is on the premises of Speediepaws, payment for any repairs / replacement of property must be settled at the end of the day.

SpeediePAWS has Public Liability insurance, which covers pet sitting, walking, care and custody whilst in our control. We will not be held liable for any loss, injury or death to a pet either inside or outside of the home whilst in our care. Where possible clients should have their own insurance.

Vet details
Whilst your pet is in our care the client is responsible for any veterinary bills, no matter how they are incurred,
In the event of an emergency we will make every attempt to contact the owner, or your emergency contact given to us during our initial visit. However SpeediePAWS will reserve the right to make decisions regarding the welfare of the pet in the owners absence. The owner will be responsible for any payment of vet fees with or without a verbal agreement

Female dogs
Unfortunately we cannot take female dogs in season for walking or daycare.   


42 Eton Wick Road
Eton Wick

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