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All pets need company throughout the day, if you are away from home for awhile leaving your pet in familiar surroundings will keep them happy and give you peace of mind. I will pop in as often as you require giving them positive interaction and a distraction from your absence over long periods.
Pet Feeding - Dogs, cats & small animals

A great service if you are away from home for the weekend or longer and want to avoid catteries or relying upon friends to help look after your pets. I will empty litter trays, clear any accidents, find time for play, cuddles, grooming and chats.
If you are away for the day I can provide your dog with the company it needs in your absence, I will pop in and let your dog out to relieve itself, clear any accidents. Play with them in or outside depending upon the weather and your requirements, help relieve the boredom and keep them out of mischief.
I will also:
  • Replenish water, feed pets
  • Administer any medication
  • Bring in post, close / open curtains
  • Turn on / off lights
  • Text an update of my visit about your pet. 
  • Keep an eye on your property and get in touch with you if necessary
Why use our pet sitting service?
  • Regular company, cuddles & interaction
  • Good value, any number of pets per household
  • Help reduce behavioural problems and any potential damage to your home
  • Litter trays, accidents cleared up
  • Happy and secure pets, relieved of boredom through long periods alone
  • Grooming of cats
  • Text of pets activities
  • Knowing you will return home to happy, contented pets will relieve any of your own anxieties
  • Happy neighbours !


  • £12 per visit
  • Bank holiday rates apply

Looking after the little ones!


42 Eton Wick Road
Eton Wick

  07887 774531     01753 840694