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Puppies learn hugely in the first 18 weeks of their life, this is the best time to do your training. It's incredible what they can take on and learn, the good and the not so good!
All training courses use positive reinforcement and are a combination of training, confidence building, developing handler focus and working with distractions. Giving you a structured and broad introduction to training and living with your dog. Helping you understand your dog, how they learn and helping them live in our human world!
Group training is held at South Bucks Riding for the disabled. SL2 4QR
Lovely indoor venue, enabling us to train in all weathers, with onsite parking.
One way to get ALL their attention!! :-)

Reactive dog training
Starting Thurs 2nd May
6 week course 
One group of 4 dogs
This is new course designed to help people with very anxious dogs who want to understand and learn to work with these challenges.
This course is very limited and will only be available to dogs able to cope at a distance and be able to learn. The venue at Fulmer lends itself to holding a course of this nature, with close guidance and supervision.
The course will include, depending on the group:
Understanding arousal. 
Handler focus
Techniques to help your dog cope with their anxieties
Techniques to help you. 

Puppy training classes
Next course starts Thursday 2nd May at 
6 week course.
7pm-8pm Puppies up to 20 weeks
Groups of 6.
Course content:
Understanding how dogs learn
Developing a good reflex to name
Handler focus - eye contact
Handling/vet check
Helping your dog to have a safe/calm place to hang out
Building confidence
Sit, down, wait, stay
Developing loose leash walking
Appropriate play
How should children approach your dog?
Dealing with novelty, other dogs, people
Arousal and understanding what it means
Building calmness
Having fun!
One to One training
Training carried out in the comfort of your own home, in a relaxed environment for enhanced learning.
This is a four week course, of one hour lessons, usually carried out over a 6 week period. Times are by arrangement. The contents of this course are adapted to the needs of each individual dog. Some ideas outlined below.
  • Understanding how dogs learn
  • Eye contact
  • Developing a good reflex to name
  • Settle - helping your dog to relax in their own place/bed when you are in or out.
  • Default sit
  • Recall - the very beginning
  • Building confidence
  • Appropriate Play
  • Revisit Week 1 training
  • Handling/vet check
  • Building focus on the owner
  • Sit, down
  • Recall - next stage
  • Starting loose leash walking


  • Revisit training from week 3
  • Challenges, jumping up, mouthing etc
  • Dealing with everyday novelty, the hoover for example.
  • Children - how to approach your dog.
  • Playing, having fun
  • Developing recall
  • Developing loose leash walking


  • Revist training from week 3
  • Loose leash walking with distractions
  • Distractions on the walk, how to deal with them
  • Understanding arousal
  • Recall - on the walk
  • Dealing with novelty when you are out and about


        £140 for a 4 week course of local training, travel charges will apply for training further afield.




42 Eton Wick Road
Eton Wick

  07887 774531     01753 840694